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Yo!  This is Barry Goodman!  Leave one!
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CHARACTER: Barry Goodman
CANON: Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE

VESSEL NAME: Ouki (翁) - left side of his chest
VESSEL FORM: Sparkly magical girl wand
POWER: Sound Wave Generation
GOD: Mielikki

VESSEL NAME: Ouki (Roiki) (王) - left bicep
VESSEL FORM: Dog costume
POWER: Super Strength
GOD: Apollo

VESSEL NAME: Ouki (奥) - right side of his chest
VESSEL FORM: Magical girl costume
POWER: Repulsion Field
GOD: Amaterasu

VESSEL NAME: Odoki (踊) - right bicep
VESSEL FORM: Electric guitar
POWER: Electrical Constructs
GOD: Kanzeon

VESSEL NAME: Reiki (冷) - right side of his chest
VESSEL FORM: Double axe
POWER: Ice Infusion
GOD: Euterpe

CAUSE OF DEATH: During his third side story, Barry becomes jealous of Mamori's closeness with Itsuki and runs into the Idolasphere to try to regain his Mirage Master powers. The party does not arrive in time to save him and he is killed by demons.
Prayer #33
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CHARACTER SERIES: Fire Emblem: Tokyo Mirage Sessions

Backtagging: Yes!
Threadhopping: Generally yes, but ask first!
Fourthwalling: I'd prefer to avoid this.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): If you think it's something that would be a concern, feel free to message me and ask.


Hugging this character: Absolutely, he is a big teddy bear.
Kissing this character: If you are inclined to kiss Bary Goodman, more power to you. 2D > 3D tho.
Flirting with this character: See above.
Fighting with this character: Plot with me first. I reserve the right to refuse.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Plot with me first. I reserve the right to refuse.
Killing this character: Hard no on this one.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Plot with me first.

Warnings: Barry is a horrible otaku weeb, with everything that entails.
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Player Information

Name: Brantron
Contact: [ profile] FullOfBees 
Age: 34
Other Characters: Forrest

Character Information

Name: Barry Goodman
Canon: Fire Emblem: Tokyo Mirage Sessions
Canon Point: Intermission between Chapters 5 and 6, after his third side story
Age: 35
History: Barry is the former front man of a world famous death metal band turned giant otaku weeb who now lives in Tokyo training up and coming Japanese pop idols to fight demons in an alternate dimension. It's exactly as awesome as it sounds. For a slightly more in-depth treatment, see here.
Personality: Barry's personality can generally be summed up with the word 'intense.' He gives everything he does 110% enthusiasm, whether it's playing music, giving voice and dance lessons, even - perhaps especially - pursuing his personal hobbies (more on those later). It's a big part of what makes him such a good talent coach, as even the most shy and reluctant students find his attitude infectious. The flip side of this is that he can be a rather strict teacher, and his methods are sometimes a little extreme, as he's willing to push his students to the limits of both their ability and patience. He can be something of a perfectionist when he's really in the groove, and assigning extra exercises as punishment for repeated failures isn't uncommon.

And speaking of straining peoples' patience... Barry's hobbies can sometimes be a little disturbing. He's a full blown otaku fanboy who especially loves the magical girl genre, and is obsessed with all things moe. He constantly wears a t-shirt of his favorite series, Dia Witch Iroha, and owns all manner of limited edition DVD sets, phone charms, and other paraphernalia. This is, in fact, the only thing that gets in the way of his job as a personal trainer, as he will drop absolutely everything else he's doing to stand in line all day for a chance at getting his hands on some rare merchandise. He's so deep in that he proudly and often declares his preference for 2D over 3D as far as girls are concerned, although he has been known to fanboy it up over some of Fortuna Entertainment's actual flesh and blood idols.

Despite this, however, Barry does care about his friends and associates, and works hard to support them every day. He is especially attached to a young girl, Mamori, who hosts a microwave-based cooking show and loves singing enka ballads. She calls him 'Uncle Barry,' and he often acts as a mentor and something of a father figure to her - that is, when he's not being mothered by her in turn during his frequent childish tantrums over whatever happens to be bothering him that day. Barry is a constant advocate for Mamori's career, speaking on her behalf to her producers and helping her get singing jobs when she's having trouble asking for them herself. He cares so much for her that he asks his former Mirage, Draug, to serve and protect her so that she can safely accompany the party in their quests in the Idolasphere.

For all of his good points, Barry can also be dangerously impulsive and immature. When Mamori starts to become more self-sufficient through her adventures with Itsuki and the others, Barry gets upset that she isn't calling him cool like she used to, and jealous that she spends all of her time with Itsuki instead. Unwilling to accept that he's a valuable member of the team even though he can't fight anymore, he runs into the Idolasphere to prove himself and straight into a dangerous situation that he has to be bailed out of. Deep down, for all his talents, he has an unfortunate inferiority complex due to his inability to help fight on the front lines since losing his own powers. He wants to do everything he can for his friends, and sometimes he gets too caught up in comparing himself to others to realize how useful he actually is.

Abilities: His coaching is always on point, and he can sing and play an instrument!
Strengths: Loyal, inspiring, supportive, energetic, tenacious
Weaknesses: Childish, obsessive, stubborn, reckless, overprotective

God/Shinki: Shinki
Why?: Barry is one of the backup NPCs in his original canon, so he's best suited for a supporting role. Also I already play a god and wanted to have the shinki experience too.
Cause Of Death: During his third side story, Barry becomes jealous of Mamori's closeness with Itsuki and runs into the Idolasphere to try to regain his Mirage Master powers. The party does not arrive in time to save him and he is killed by demons.
Vessel: A sparkly magical girl wand
Name Location: Chest
Power: Sound Wave Generation

Writing Sample

Sample: From the test run!


Anything Else?:
Pairing Barry up with a female god would result in maximum hilarity due to his ridiculous personality, but I have no particular preference beyond this.


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